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Structural Projects 

We were involved with the projects below in part or whole.

Inner Harbor Bridges

Buffalo, NY

Structural design & coordination for three steel suspension bridges in Buffalo Inner Harbor.

Quicklees Truck Plaza

Avon, NY

Structural design of 11,450 sq.ft. travel center

and truck repair garage.

St. Padre Pio Church

Rochester, NY

Structural design of new Catholic Church.


Avon, NY

Structural Design for new addition

Hoselton Auto Mall

Fairport, NY

Structural design of an addition for new service center & showroom. Design included specialty foundations using deep helical piles & grade beams.

Ontario Bridge Renovation

Ontario, NY

Assessment of damages, and design of replacement residential H-20 load rated bridge.

SUNY Federal Building

Albany, NY

Structural design on the renovations for the new structural glass facade.

Dewitt Library

Dewitt, NY

Curtain wall design and analysis

for the new Library

New York Kitchen
(former New York Wine & Culinary Center)

Canandaigua, NY

Structural design of new building and project coordination including specialty foundations using deep piles & grade beams.

Genesee Valley Regional Market

Various Locations in Rochester area


Structural designs of multiple commercial, retail & warehouse buildings to include specialty foundations & multi story Genesee Valley Regional Market Administration building.

Fallbrook Park Bridge

Canandaigua, NY

Assessment of existing bridge, and design of new H-20 load rated private bridge.

Palmer Foods

Rochester NY

Design of multi-story retail & office building for food retailer to include refrigeration/ freezer warehouse building.

LMC Addition

Dansville, NY

Structural design for 42,320 sq.ft. industrial expansion to accommodate multiple 100' span bridge cranes to operate the entire

420 LF addition.

Morrisville Design Center

Morrisville, NY

Structural design of glass curtain wall facade.

Genesis Pediatrics

Rochester, NY

Structural design of new doctors office.

Best Volvo

Rochester, NY

Structural Design of complete renovations to include interior & exterior facade updates & new service area carport.

Schwan Food Co

Rochester, NY

Structural design of new building office/ warehouse building.

3 Center City

Rochester, NY

Structural Design of glass curtain wall facade.

College Town

Rochester, NY

Structural Design of glass facade & store fronts.

Gates Chili Scoreboard

Rochester, NY

Structural Design of large sports field scoreboard/ signage at multiple school/ park locations.

Tom Wahls Canandaigua

Canandaigua, NY

Structural Design of facade & entrance renovation.

Von Maur

Victor, NY

Structural Design of glass facade & interior glass railings.

LMC Hancock Exhaust Retrofit

Long Eddie, NY

Structural Design of exhaust tower.

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